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Holidays are Here!

There's something magical about snowfall.  When the light hits it the right way, the flakes glisten like diamonds everywhere you look.  The sound of the world becomes muted.  In those moments, it feels like you and your beloved are the only two in the world.

At this time of the year, when nights are long and holiday parties are in full swing, there is a pull of the heart to find the quiet and the cozy; to step out of the busy-ness of the season and find a quiet space to settle and enjoy the crisp air under a thick blanket.

Here in Niagara on the Lake, there is a different energy around the holidays.  It is the perfect getaway for a day trip or weekend.  Here, you'll find fine dining, world class wineries and hotels, and iconic horse and carriages all part of the beauty of old town.

Grab your honey and celebrate your love with an intimate Elopement or a Renewal of Vows in romantic Niagara on the Lake

Glitz (1)_edited.jpg
So, What about the Glitz_edited.jpg

Here in our cozy little chapel, we are ready to celebrate! You and up to four friends will find a festive and fun setting for your Elopement or Vow Renewal. 


Ceremonies are personalized to your love story.  You can compose your own vows, add in special elements, and even pop your phone onto our handy tripod to record or livestream your ceremony to your family and friends!

Dress up or come as you are. Our lovely little chapel is simple, designed for those looking for a meaningful ceremony that won't break the bank. 

Appointments are available seven days a week beginning at noon till 6 p.m.  Please arrive wedding ready, with your license in hand (for elopements.)

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Itsy Bitsy Glitzy Elopements and Vow Renewals

Your Itsy Bitsy Glitzy Ceremony

The holidays offer a special opportunity to do something fun and adventurous.  As we wrap up the year, it is the perfect time to celebrate your love with an intimate elopement or vow renewal. 


Rev. Deb offers unique, affordable little ceremonies in her little home for those looking for a simple, yet  memorable setting for their vows.

Glitzy, because the micro-chapel is decked out for the holidays.  You and up to four friends can celebrate the holidays, your love, and the happy spirit that defines this festive season. And, don't be surprised if Rev. Deb greets you in a tuxedo and top hat.  She may or may not sing. :)

Call Rev. Deb at 905-468-9502 to book your preferred date and time.  We can arrange witnesses if necessary.  The chapel has a max capacity of 6 people (including couple) E-transfers can be sent to Rev. Deb at 

Note that Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 31, and Jan 1 have $150 extra premium fee assigned

Wedding Bands

Itsy Bitsy Glitzy Elopement 1

Come to Sweetheart Chapel with your license.  We'll have witnesses here to complete the legalities. :)

(plus a small processing fee)

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Image by Filipp Romanovski

Itsy Bitsy Elopement 2

Bring along up to four guests
and your license.  


(plus a small processing fee)

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Image by Sandy Millar

Vow Renewal

Come alone or bring up to four guests.  We'll have a commemorative certificate to mark your special renewal.

(plus a small processing fee)

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Dec 24, 25, 31 and January 1- Premium Fee Applies

ITG Elopement 1

Premium Day

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ITG Elopement 2

Premium Day

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ITG Vow Renewal

Premium Day

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